How to choose a bra

Sometimes women for long years living in blissful ignorance of what is on what bra size they have. Some might say that there is nothing wrong with that, but in fact Lamore bras that we carry have a really huge impact on the shape and health of our breasts. It turns out that for small and mismatched cup can be the cause of sagging breasts and yet togo not want no woman. Returning to the subject should be mentioned that the bra should be selected primarily in terms of the cup. Of course, it is also important circumference under the breasts, but here there is usually adjustable. Anyway bowl should not only be sufficiently large, but also have the right shape. This type of lingerie is really the product offered by a lot of shops, but every woman should be able to distinguish the products made ​​better and worse. As can be seen in lingerie is contrary to all appearances, actually a very serious matter, because it affects not only the aesthetics and health of the female body, but also the quality of life and mobility.


What functions does the bra

Currently bras that an integral part of woman’s wardrobe are worn every day, but what they really are? The basis is here, of course, support the bust so that the skin does not limp. Some special bras also make the breasts become more firm and gentle. It should, however, bear in mind that this is the underwear worn on each morning groundbreaking which requires proper care and frequent washing due to the fact that the daily contact with the skin can cause rapid loss of freshness. Another issue is that this kind of lingerie should be done in the right way. It can not irritate the skin and wires found in biustonosze mieszczkach can not pull out and cause injuries. Of course, the comfort we can get only when our underwear will stand at the highest level. Unfortunately there is also the rather high price but can not be on the save. Underwear is sometimes unnecessary expense, which can be omitted, but worn every day bras are an investment in a nice appearance and health of our body.